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Exporting partner of Bofferding
since 2006

In 1978, the Lau family started to operate a traditional Hong Kong restaurant, Jardin de Jade, in Luxembourg, thereby introducing Dim Sum to the Grand Duchy and launched Fontaine de Jade in 1989 in St. Esprit.

Throughout decades, the restaurant was seen as a culinary institution in the Chinese community as we took in and trained many apprentices who opened their restaurants in Luxembourg after completing their training.

To keep up with the changing trends, the Lau family introduced the model of today’s JS Sushi & Grill, presenting trendy foods and beverages from Hong Kong in 2010, which provides a better food culture for customers who pursue good taste and driving the trend of the food and beverage industry.

Today, the Lau family is also the marketing and exporting partner of Bofferding Beer in China.